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Welcome to Studio Mutter

“Mutter” means mother in German. I launched Studio Mutter after becoming a mother myself. I wanted to create a yoga and pilates studio based on my own experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing.

Pregnant women and mothers do not have enough access to exercise facilities, yet daily exercise is one of the best ways to reduce prenatal and postpartum stress. During my field training as a fitness instructor, I went out to instruct some of my mother friends. The moms said with a smile, “It’s so much fun to exercise!” Many wanted to continue exercising, but were unable to because they needed to care for their children.

So I created Studio Mutter—a nice, small space where exercise can be refreshing for women, including mothers.

Please come and take a look at the studio. We will be waiting for you!

Studio Mutter Director

Studio Features

Studio Mutter is the first studio in the region to be equipped with various Pilates dedicated machines such as the reformer and cadillac. We are the only permanent facility in Yoshikawa, Saitama with maternity yoga, postpartum recovery, and baby massage classes. We offer a large number of classes in which you can participate with your child. We also have a children’s play area. Please refresh together with your child at Studio Mutter!

Meet Our Instructors


Studio Mutter Director
tomoko has over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor, with 11 years specializing in Pilates. She especially enjoys teaching Pilates and water aerobics.
She has a passion for working with women and mothers.

Classes: Pilates (Private Sessions & Group Lessons), Maternity Yoga,
Postpartum Recovery Pilates


Studio Mutter Instructor
keiko specializes in yoga instruction. She focuses on working with people who have specific ailments or injuries and with seniors.

Classes: Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Relaxation Yoga, Yuru Yoga & Breathing

English Classes

Private Sessions


Custom-made, one-on-one sessions tailored to your physical condition and personal fitness goals. Use our dedicated Pilates machines to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, and increase flexibility. Improve your coordination, balance, and posture and reduce back pain and muscle imbalances.

Private sessions are held in English, with all skill levels welcome.

Group Lessons


Group lessons are held in Japanese, but our instructors can assist you in English. Please choose your class according to your skill level.

Group Pilates
This 60 minute whole-body exercise class improves core muscle balance and posture.

Group Pilates 45
This 45 minute class is recommended for busy people or for those with little confidence in their physical strength.

Hatha Yoga
This 60 minute class adjusts the balance of mind and body while removing body distortion through poses called asanas.

Hatha Yoga 45
This 45 minute classes focuses on simple asanas for enjoyable yoga in a short period of time.

Maternity Yoga
While performing yoga, feel a connection with baby. Enjoy pregnancy while caring for mind and body.
※ Please join with the consent of your physician and family.

Postpartum Recovery
Recover decreased muscle strength and physical fitness associated with pregnancy and childbirth while refreshing the mind and body.

Try Out Studio Mutter!

Choose your desired classes and dates to experience Studio Mutter through trial lessons. Trials are available for a Pilates Private Session, a Pilates Group Lesson, or a Yoga Group Lesson. Try one or try all three!

Trial Fees
Pilates Private Session ¥3000
Pilates or Yoga Group Lesson ¥1000

If you join Studio Mutter within one month of your trial, your trial fees will be deducted from your Admission Fee. Try a Pilates Private Session, a Pilates Group Lesson, and a Yoga Group Lesson to get your Admission Fee fully waived!

Use our Contact Form to enroll in your trial class.


Admission Fee ¥5000

Private Sessions
1 ticket ¥7000
5 tickets ¥30000 (¥6000 per ticket; valid for 6 months)
※ Trial session ¥3000 (one-time only)
Group Lessons (all classes include a free mat rental)
45 minute class (Group Pilates 45, Hatha Yoga 45)
1 ticket ¥1800
5 tickets ¥7500 (¥1500 per ticket; valid for 2 months)
60 minute class (Group Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Maternity Yoga, Postpartum Recovery Pilates)
1 ticket ¥2500
5 tickets ¥10000 (2000 per ticket; valid for 2 months)
※ Trial lession ¥1000 (valid for one Pilates group lesson and one yoga group lesson)


Keyakidori Wells D, 1-5-11 Takatomi, Yoshikawa, Saitama 342-0036

6 minute walk from JR Musashino Line, Yoshikawa Station, South Exit
Car parking available by reservation

Contact Us

Telephone: 090-2742-8807
Online: Contact Form